Oregon Lottery Winners

Here are Oregon lottery winners who have won some of the biggest jackpot prizes…

Chaney and West families, $340 million Powerball jackpot, October 19, 2005

This is about a win which was, in its time, the second-biggest jackpot in the history of the U.S. lottery.

Bob and Frances Chaney and their daughter and son-in-law, Carolyn and Steve West, matched all the numbers in the Powerball draw and won a $340 million jackpot. Frances Chaney couldn’t really believe this and was in total disbelief.

Both the couples invested $20 each to purchase their joint Powerball tickets. They chose to take the cash option lump sum prize, which came out to $110 million, after taxes. They are still Oregon's biggest Powerball winners.

Daniel Gannon, $182.7 million Powerball jackpot, March 17, 2007

Milwaukie resident Daniel Gannon, 60, was heading to dinner with his wife Candy. In the midway, they stopped by a Safeway store to withdraw some cash from an ATM. Gannon was attracted to the big amount mentioned as the Powerball jackpot was and bought a $5 quick pick, without knowing what future holds for him.

The next morning, he checked the winning numbers in the newspaper and told his wife, "We won $182 million," and she said, "No way!"

Gannon chose to take a lump sum of his prize and received about $59 million after taxes.

Steven Nickell, $150.4 Powerball, June 20, 2018

Salem resident Steven Nickell was clueless about his win in the Powerball jackpot when he turned in his Quick Pick single-draw ticket. The clerk there told him that people who won more than $600 would need to visit the Lottery office to collect their prize money. Hearing which he thought he could buy something nice for his wife for the Fourth of July. Never in his wildest dreams, he imagined that the ticket might be worth $150 million."

Nickell said: "At first I felt guilty I won. Then I realized that I'm the guy that gets to stand up and say BINGO! We all play the game, it just so happens I'm the guy who got to win this time."

Nickell chose to take the lump sum of his prize, which amounted to around $61.7 million after taxes.

Givens Family, $38.4 million jackpot, October 1982

The Givens family from Eugene became Oregon’s first Powerball winners.

Arthur Brenner, $30 million Megabucks jackpot, November 15, 2004

This was the biggest Megabucks jackpot prize ever won in Oregon’s own state lottery.

Arthur Brenner, a 65-year-old semi-retired accountant from Portland, claimed a $30 million jackpot. Brenner's cousin, Susan Cox, had purchased the winning $6 ticket for him at a Milwaukie convenience store. When he learned about him winning the jackpot, he just couldn’t believe it. Brenner said he had been playing the same numbers for 16 years and buys a ticket for each Megabucks drawing.
Brenner chose to take a $9.8 million lump-sum cash payment of the prize, after withholding for state and federal taxes. Arthur gave Susan a $99,000 check; 1 percent share of the record prize.

Mega Millions never won in Oregon

As of today, there have been five Oregon Powerball jackpot winners but no MegaMillions winners.

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